Improved health starts with daily exercise and a good diet. We are inspired to bring quality daily exercise to mobile devices with high speed networks to make it easy and convenient to exercise.

Gigabit networks enable an interactive fitness experience which is fun and socially motivating:

  • low latency = real time interactivity between a fitness expert and workout buddies
  • capacity = high resolution content which is immersive, realistic and enjoyable
  • quality of service = an incredible end user experience which is guaranteed to be available
  • symmetric = enables video sharing and real time uplink of biometric information enabling the entire solution

How it works

Mobile devices with 802.11ac gigabit wifi establish connectivity with cloud and peer resources. Device integrations via bluetooth enable local ingestion of real-time biometric data. Computer vision technology provides real-time feedback to the client and trainer about the activity.

Challenges I ran into

We tried using the Apple Multi-peer connectivity library as a peer-to-peer discover and data sharing framework but ran into many challenges, so had to shift gears. The team learned a new programming language, Swift, in the process which slowed number of features we could put into the hack this weekend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Live interactive fitness is very engaging and we cant wait to turn this hack into production.
Implemented a peer-to-peer video streaming service in 24 hours.
Integrated with plantronics headset for additional biometric feedback.
Learned a new programming language.
We had a lot of fun in SF working on this experimental version of our app.

What I learned

Be careful of beta frameworks, you can lose a lot of time. Check online forums about a new framework before using it to see how the community is responding.
There are a wealth of compatible devices which can add to the a virtual fitness experience. It is an exciting time.
Cloud GPU resources are now available which is very cool.
Swift programming language is powerful and not too hard to learn

What's next for Fitnet: helping everyone with daily exercise

Review this hack and get a few people to try it out.
Evaluate how it could go to production and scale for others.
Find gigabit markets which could use the best level of experience.

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