We are all fitness lovers who have struggled to stay active and share our passion for fitness during the lockdown. So our communal passion for fitness led us to create FitNet, a network for fitness lovers! On top of this we also added in a redesign of terms and conditions because we are also equally passionate about data rights and privacy. Terms and conditions documents have been too confusing for far too long, we hope that our innovations in terms and conditions will help structure future policies around these documents.

What it does

FitNet is a community for fitness lovers to share their passion for fitness through: workouts, recipes, inspirational posts, and more! What separates this app from any other fitness app is the anonymity, all your data is completely secured, there is no location tracking of any type. Your identity is totally secure so you can enjoy your healthy lifestyle while maintaining peace of mind about your data!

How we built it

We collaborated using zoom and figma to accomplish all of our design goals. We split up into 2 sub-teams one for app design, and one focusing on the terms and conditions. This split of teams allowed us to accomplish our work in an effective manner.

Challenges we ran into

Idea generation, trying to find an effective way to work around the problem statement to be able to tackle both aspects of the project that we envisioned and wanted to take on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing this app from start to finish as a team was a huge step in our design careers for all of us. It was a great experience, thinking through a unique problem and challenge such as data privacy. We are extremely proud of the product that we created, and our accomplishments in innovation for app security and privacy as well as terms and conditions.

What we learned

How to work effectively in teams online as well as how to collaborate via social distancing on a design project. For some of us it was our first time using Figma, so that is another skill to add to our arsenal!

What's next for FitNet - a Network for Fitness Lovers (presented by STOPP)

If there's a demand for something like this or for ideas that we generated through this project (in regards to privacy) then the next steps would be to conduct further research and pitch this to investors or government officials to see how our ideas can be adopted as policy.

Built With

  • figma
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