We love the VR experience, it's immersive and realistic. We want to further our love for travelling and integrate it with the boring habit of running on a treadmill.

What it does

The website will host content created by users and curated by the community according to the guidelines so that you enjoy every moment on your treadmill.

How we built it

On the infrastructure side, we built a website where users can submit links to the videos that can be consumed in VR during running. It uses Bootstrap on landing page and connects to Google Firebase for Database and Authentication services. A logged-in user will get access to a curated list of content and a form to submit content to the community.

Challenges we ran into

Early-on, we were going to build a VR Video Player that would change the playback speed of the video according to the running speed. But then the libraries either did not have control for playback speed or they couldn't be used to create equirectangular side-by-side content for VR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created a few videos to validate the experience. Also, we got some first-hand tips from Oculus's CEO Brendon Iribe on what to do and what to avoid. With all the learnings, we have created a website where you'll access links to the videos that users can access with have been curated for the specific purpose of running on a treadmill.

What we learned

  • VR Videos are of lot many types and there's not a lot of support to make technology for that.
  • Motion Sickness in VR is a real concern and we've addressed it through the content guidelines.
  • VR user doesn't have a clue about the orientation and it's necessary to give the user as much orientation as possible else they can easily trip.
  • We learned authentication using Google Firebase

What's next for FitnessVR

  • 360 degree video content
  • Create our own VR player to remove dependency on YouTube Player.
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