We were inspired to create our site based on discoveries that associated a better way of living with an improved immune system and a therefore decreased risk against disease, a popular topic in the modern day due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

What it does

Our website is intended to facilitate the process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing a simple way to organize and track your physical activity, your sleep schedule, and your calorie intake, all essential parts of becoming a healthier human being.

How I built it

I built it by starting off with designing the database tables in MYSQL. I designed several tables to track the users logging and give an analysis based off of this. Then, I started developing the REST API since this would be the backend of my project, allowing me to call functions to view the users logs and give analysis from the database content through the REST API function calls. After this, I starting developing the java fx program and called the REST API functions to be able to keep track of the user entered data and view the database content through the app. And finally, I made a website using mostly HTML, Javascript, and Typescript in order to allow the user to see their logged in hours on the app through the website. The link to the website is and the JAR/EXE for the java app is located within github. Github repository link is

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into were initially getting started with the API, building an API is very tough in the sense that many errors occur when you first run the API. Another challenge I ran into was efficiently learning wix code in a short time frame and being able to effectively deploy the project in a timely manner. I believe the toughest challenges of the project were being able to finalize the program, make the website, design the database table, running REST API, and efficiently sharing code with the teammate through github and other platforms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that I am proud in the creation of the project is being able to effectively build a system to keep track of food intake, sleep, and daily exercise and giving the functionality for the user to be able to view this the analysis of their total fitness from the site. This is useful to the community during these times as it allows people to see the reality of their fitness, and in which ways they can improve upon it.

What I learned

I learned several crucial Computer Science concepts such as building APIs, Database designing, and Applications through several different languages such as Java, Javascript, SQL, XML, JSON, Maven, Springboot, HTML, Typescript and many other technologies.

What's next for FitnessPlus

We can improve FitnessPlus in the future by expanding the amount of health data that it manages and facilitating its input, by for example proving an average amount of calories in a serving size provided by the user. We can also implement a similar system on the topic of exercise that calculates calories burned by the user based on the exercise type and duration.

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Fully functional system used for tracking sleep, exercise, and food intake and provides users with a full in depth description on improvements they can make, allowing them to live a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle.

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