💡 Inspiration

  • The pandemic has restricted us to stay at home and has taken a huge toll in our physical well-being
  • Exercising within our house boundaries is a real challenge.
  • We've developed a novel application to accurately track the count of certain curated indoor exercises and get the amount of calories burnt
  • This is a cheap, free-to-use alternative to measure the effectivness of your workout session

💻 What it does

  • The website uses AI to recognise the number of pushups/squats and bicep curls
  • It then calculates the calories burnt and notifies the user in their mobile phones
  • The user can select any kind of excerises and do them.


⚙️ How we built it

  • The site runs on mediapipe, posenet, js.
  • We've used mediapipe to detect user motion and then calculate the number of reps.
  • A report is generated and sent as a message using the Twilio API.
  • The user can end the session anytime if they wanted, just by clicking "Stop".


🧠 Challenges we ran into

  • Application hangs, screen freezes because the tensorflow was blocking the camera.
  • Organising the structure of the project.
  • Tweaking with the mediapipe AI model to accurately detect the type of motion.

📖 What we learned

  • Mediapipe using Javascript
  • Running AI models for posture detection.
  • Using Twilio for sending messages.
  • AssemblyAI API for posting user datas and result in CockroachDB

📧 Use of Google Cloud

  • Google Cloud offers text to voice conversion.
  • We used google cloud speech conversation for voice control exercise web application.

📧 Use of Assembly.AI API

  • We used Assembly.AI API for storing user info in CochroachDB.
  • It used for a safe and secure transformation of data.
  • We will be using user authentication for user login in future.

📖 Use of Deso

  • Deso is a decentralized social application and it is open source & on chain open data
  • We used deso for login, logout purpose and also for transactions occurs in our website.

📧 Use of Twilio

  • We used Twilio to send users report to our users.
  • Twilio is safe and secure API for sending text messages.

Twilio Message

🚀 What's next for FitnessZone

  • Parsing the voice commands using NLP.
  • Smart execrise recommendation system.
  • Accurate detection using deep learning models.
  • More exercise recognization.

🏅 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We're glad to sucessfully complete this project!
  • The end goal was achieved to a satisfactory level and the outcome would help us as well to excerise at home.

🔨 How to run

  • Fork repo
  • Run index.html file in the html folder

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