Inspiration: My own thinking and bringing the real way of fitness back.

What it does: So fitness through yoga provides different yoga postures and benefits of it so people don't have to look around for different types of asanas in different website. They can get it in one.

How we built it: We used Html, css, and bootstrap to create to this website

Challenges we ran into: It was hard to find the API's and we have to write out all the information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We faced our challenges and that was our accomplishment

What we learned: I actually learned how to face problems and building this website I learned so much about Yoga.

What's next for Fitness Through Yoga: I future I plan on putting more yoga asanas for different health problems and it can help recovering patients. We also hope that this yoga website helps doctors to recommend their patients workout without gym and Yoga can be done anywhere.

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