Normally when ECG is done you only get a short time scan/report. Extending the data received from the smartphones/smart watches would be a boom and more exclusively to understand the patient condition. Pulse rate data along with other fitness related data would be helpful for medicine prescription, creating intelligent and smart Medicare policies (Along with rewards, renewal bonus, discounts based on the fitness level and daily activities). Maintain medicine prescription, subscription and e-orders. Can be extended for hospital administration and facility management.

What it does

A single POV for all the fitness related data such as calories expenditure, pulse rate, steps, activities. A unified layer to extract and view data capture by the smart device. Track user’s fitness goals. Info regarding peak and low pulse rates. Statistics on the data picked from the smart devices like average steps taken in a month. Detailed analysis of patient/member to the doctor/fitness instructor. To showcase user’s daily fitness related goals and info.

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What's next for Fitness Tap

The reports can be digitally accessed and analyzed. Therefore: Can be given a digital prescription with medical practitioner authorization using docusign. Follow-ups would be minimum. Regular medicines prescription can be renewed, or the dosage can be changed based on the symptom and reports digitally using e-analysis of data/reports and document authorization via Docusign. Medicines could be digitally ordered based on the doctor’s feedback on a click. Direct trigger emergency call or inform doctor based on peaks or lows of heart beats. Especially for critical patients.

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