if you are working on something that is really important to you, no one should push you because your dream will push you

What it does

i have worked on more than one project this is game where you collect physique and collect apples also about fashion and wrist there is more than one lens

How we built it

i used it with physics and templates to move and jump as well and when using physics i added script to increase reality

Challenges we ran into

Do everything you can with whatever you have wherever you are when you combine text and physics from the lens studio library this is challenging and successful at the same time to master

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the most important achievement that i am proud of is the presence of other creators and challenges that push me to achieve excellence

What we learned

i believe goals should never be easy they should motivate you to act even if they are uncomfortable at times

What's next for Fitness Run

this is what i look like in competition i felt or felt very good before the competition and i trained hard to prepare for the competition

Built With

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