Fitness Quest


Fitness Quest is a game where you can compete as part of a team to complete quests such as defeating monsters, navigating terrain, and finding treasures by logging progress toward your fitness and health goals.

Installation Instructions

  • Clone repository
  • Run 'npm install' from within the project directory
  • Run 'npm start'
  • View site at http://localhost:3000

Game Play

  • Setup user profile
  • View your stats
  • Log activities to increase your stats (different activities increase different stats, encouraging diverse teams)
  • Complete quests when your team stats meet or exceet the quest requirements.
  • Future version will include rewards like badges or increased points for activities when you complete quests.
  • You can start or join a team to combine stats and beat more challenges.
  • Future version will include team messages to encourage each other to log more activities.

Team: D6

prototype: November 5, 2016

Technical Notes

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

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