We were inspired to make this app because we realized that sitting around at home all day is not a good thing. We decided to do something that people could use to track their health and fitness so that they could stay active.

What it does

The app can allow you to log workouts, gives pre-built workouts that you can do at home without any materials, gives graphs of the data you have collected over time, and monitors your BMI to make sure you stay fit.

How We built it

We used python for the back-end portion of the app and used tkinter (a python GUI module) to make the display. We also used the matplot library to make graphs. Lastly, we used text files for databases.

Challenges We ran into

We were trying to implement augmented reality with the computer camera to show a visual representative of at-home workouts. We could not do this though, as the echoAR platform was not compatible with python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that this is our first hackathon and we managed to make a decent GUI with tkinter.

What we learned

We learned how to use tkinter, as well as Adobe Fuse and Unity.

What's next for Fitness Is My Passion

Next up, we plan on developing this into a phone app for Android with Java so that people can use this app on their mobile devices.

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