Inspired by yoga and fitness exercises.

What it does

FitnessGuru turns Alexa into a smart personal trainer, providing different exercises that users can do at home, without any particular equipment. FitnessGuru workouts designed to tone the entire body and is suitable for everyone: men or women, young or middle aged. This skill helps you to do exercises and poses for Core, Upper body and lower body. Select one among these three category. Alexa instructs you to do the exercise and some poses that make you stay fit and strong. These exercises and poses followed regularly helps you burn extra fat and make you super fit.

How I built it

I checked out the documentation and some sample alexa skills. Then i started collecting different exercises and poses available in internet. I have aggregated them into 3 different categories as upperbody, lowerbody and core exercises. Then i developed the logic in nodejs and deployed to lambda.

Challenges I ran into

Certification was challenging since i have added some punctuation it was failing certification. Finally skill got certified.

What I learned

I learnt how to use a serverless architecture with AWS Lambda and Alexa skills Kit, reducing to zero the system administration work.

What's next for Fitness Guru

Audio integration while doing exercises. Integrating Background music while breath in and out

Built With

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