Play while you exercise with Fitness Commander.

Analyze your progress, number of everyday steps, burnt calories.

Fitness Commander store and analyse your sessions. Fitness Commander will remember the route, the speed, steps, pulse. You have an opportunity to make it better every time with the proprietary analytics.

But Fitness Commander doesn't stop with simple analytics and storing your sessions. Fitness Commander offers an unique way to make the fitness fun. You can run together with your friend even as the Augmented Competitor or you can make your yesterday’s session as your Competitor today. Run today faster than yesterday and see if you are winning at every step. You do not need to check the route with tiny dots, your Augmented Competitor is placed right on the augmented display.

You don't have time to make it on а street or in а park today? No problem, the bike trainer will make it fun at home. You will have the full immersion as you ride in the park

You can run at home but your augmented screen will make it running through the exotic and beautiful places.

Intended audience and benefit to them

People who exercise regularly and would like to bring fun and elements of the competition into daily routine. They would receive:

  • recording & statistics of their trainings, that helps to see the progress and to receive greater effect from fitness training;
  • share training results with friends, neighbours and coach;
  • game moments during the training session;
  • competitions with self-from-past and other people;
  • connect with other fitness fans.
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