The problem Food Next Door solves Due to busy schedules, people nowadays eat from hotels and restaurants a lot. This food might be unhealthy and unhygienic. And also a lot of people are selling their homemade food products like Cakes, sweets pickles etc. through social media and all. They are lacking an ideal platform to sell their products. Food Next Door is a platform to door deliver home-cooked meals and homemade delicacies. It will promote healthy eating and through that, create a stratum of new-age entrepreneurs from one of the nation’s most underutilized assets – homemakers. This will create an employment opportunities for home bakers . We are also including some special features like Quarantine meal box and subscription meal plans. Quarantine meal box is nutritious home-cooked food and an immunity booster drink that will help in improving immunity levels. Meal plans are a subscription-based homemade food delivery offering for people who are working from home and don’t get enough time for cooking. Challenges we ran into We had problems while aligning some stuffs in CSS .It took us a little while but we figured it out at the end. We also had problems while redirecting the login page using firebase.

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