The presence of bro-science and misconceptions lack of awareness related to fitness around us

What it does

Serves is users with the right fitness plan oriented towards their fitness goal

How we built it

We used figma to design and front end technologies (HTML, CSS and JS) to implement it

Challenges we ran into

Market Demand analytics: An idea is not feseable until it dosen't have a good market

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Teamwork: If people don't work together then things can turn into a disaster (One that can't be managed by anyone alone) Differentiating between what works and what dosen't: The functionality of any aspect of a company is decided by it's functionality and not by the personal inclination of the decision makers

What's next for Fitness Chapter

1) Integration of Image recognition technologies with our app with which people can record their workout and get a feedback for correct form 2) Opening of local chapters where we provide workshops and live fitness counselling. Also this serves as a step in building community

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