Eating right is tough

It's so easy to grab a slice of pizza on the way home from work. That daily slice of pizza will quickly add up to pounds around the waist. Experts say that eating healthy is 75% of the equation to losing weight. But how do you eat healthy?

Who has time to cook?

Cooking with healthy ingredients has always been the surefire way to a good diet. But who has time for that? There just isn't enough time to cook while staying late at work, going to the gym, seeing friends, taking your dog for a walk, and watching the latest episodes of your favorite show. And even if there is time, who feels like putting in the effort?

FitMunch brings healthy food with the ease of delivery

FitMunch uses a mixture of nutritionist knowledge and advanced machine learning algorithms to find delicious healthy meals at local restaurants. Users can select some simple search criteria and will receive a list of curated healthy meals. Each meal option comes with information as to why it is healthy, such as low carb, low sugar, low calorie, etc.. These meals can be ordered directly through FitMunch using's API. It shouldn't be this easy to eat healthy!

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