Lets face it, fitness trackers have made a bad reputation for being very obstructive in the process of capturing information. Fitiquick tries to solve this problem of bad user experience by eliminating any hassle that prevents the user from focusing on their workouts.

What it does

Its a fitness tracker that does one thing best : make sure you focus on your workouts. There are no keypads,long boring forms or boring UI. The app helps user directly take their numbers whilst they are working out, all by simply swiping up,down, left and right. It takes 3 seconds to pop open your phone make an entry and put it back in.

How I built it

Using iOS SDK

Challenges I ran into

Being solo, I had to manage all aspects of development

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to finally spend some time on polishing the UI

What I learned

24 hours ain't much

What's next for Fitiquick

Improving it a tad further : add your own exercises,edit previous entries. Later I will put it on the app store

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