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It's estimated that 11,000 people die from obesity-related diseases every day worldwide, while the number of deaths worldwide for hunger or malnutrition illness is about 24,000 per day. While some people spend millions to stay fit, some do not have a penny to have a meal. Now, what if we can kill two birds with one stone, i.e., what if we can fight two of the world's biggest problems- obesity and hunger with just one solution? All that is needed is a little motivation and kindness. Therefore, our team has come up with "Fithub" providing fitness to all.

What it does

Fithub is a web app that is quite literally for the people and by the people. It is a user-friendly platform on which you can put your daily workout goals or just any workout you have done in a day as commits.Users will be directed to make an account through the sign up page, or can directly login to their account if they have already created one. The account will have all the information regarding all the commits they have done. Similar to that of Github, Fithub too has a contribution calendar. The only difference is that, in Fithub, The contribution blocks, or as we call it Fit-Commits are in blue, and the more the number of commits, the darker is the blocks. But the catch here is, if a person reaches a mark of 1000 commits, then an NGO tied up with our organization or corporation like Walmart trying to solve the world hunger issue will provide food packets to two people in the name of the person reaching the mark.


  1. Fithub will help you keep track of your fitness journey through the day, month, and years to come.
  2. Sometimes, some people want to provide food for the poor, but they do not have enough resources or contacts to do the deed. They can do the above through our app.
  3. Many fitness freaks spend hours in the gym doing different kinds of exercise. It will be highly beneficial for the poor as such persons will do lots of fit commits per day.
  4. We believe our web app will also serve as a medium of motivation for people wanting to work out but can't find themselves sticking to it as their little effort will bring happiness to someone else.
  5. Above everything else, the best feature of our web app is that it can be used by everyone, from a kid to old, rich to poor, a person sitting at home to a working-class official, etc.

How we built it

Our webapp is made up of HTML,CSS,JavaScript, Node js, Bootstrap and Express. We are using DataStax Astra for our backend database. We have a log-in and sign-up page, through which users can log in or register. After that user would be taken to his/her fithub account, where he/she can commit exercises, and each time they commit, they would come a little closer for their contribution to the world.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time we tried to make a full-stack web app. We usually made only static websites, but making a full-fledged dynamic back end included website was both a little intimidating and challenging for us. We were inspired a lot by the GitHub contribution chart, and we tried hard to replicate it. But due to a lack of experience and time, we weren't able to sum up all our ideas into our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are glad we could overcome all the challenges and implement all our ideas, but most importantly, we could make something for the social good, for the community, with the most of our capability.

What's next for Fithub

We are planning to put our web app to real-time use, as we believe this is something that the world needs right now, thus benefitting lots of different kinds of people.

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