It's really hard for people to stay motivated to get fit. With fitfund you can have a friendly competition with your friends while staying motivated to work out as well - basically, Pebble tracks the number of steps everyone in your group has walked in a day and then updates it in real time. Whoever walks the most by the end of the day gets money from everyone else in the group.

Also Twilio insults you with Shakespearian disses you if your friend is 10 steps ahead of you to motivate you even more

How it works

Challenges I ran into

Working in Pebble is hard. Whoever thought of putting C and Javascript together and created AppMessages is insane.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!

What I learned

So much Pebble. Sooooo much Pebble

What's next for fitfund

Making it more scalable.

Built With

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