The creators of FitFromHome, Arya, Chelsea, Darshan, and Demir, all enjoy fitness activities; or should we say enjoyed, since due to Covid, many fitness activities have been postponed or even cancelled. Gyms are closed or are put on such tight restrictions that you must book at least a week in advance just to get an hour time slot. Not only are gyms closed but recreational sports such as house league and drop in sports are also cancelled due to the high risk of transmission.


FitFromHome is designed to allow users to get back into their routine of staying active all from the comfort of their own home. For some individuals, doing simple exercises such as pushups may be the only thing they know. Others will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create their own home gym. FitFromHome solves both problems as every user has the luxury of choosing from the wide variety of workouts, for different skill levels, all hosted by experienced trainers. Users are able to browse the catalog of scheduled workout classes, pick and choose classes they want to attend, then register and attend the live video class.


FitFromHome has an Angular front-end, connecting to our firebase database with the help of Node.js and Express. The video conferencing architecture was built using, allowing clients to attend live class sessions alongside their instructor. Accomplishments we are proud of is getting the live video chat between users and coaches to work, implementing complex endpoints within our firebase/node.js backend, and working well together as a team given the virtual environment for the hackathon.

Learning Experience

We learned that working efficiently as a team in a virtual environment requires a lot of screen sharing, and that working collaboratively as a team equates to great success. We also had to learn a lot about the framework as it was the part of our project which challenged us the most. All in all, it was a great learning experience.

The Future

The next step for FitForHome is to polish the front-end design and optimize the code so that we can deploy a production version of the web app which we ran out of time to do during the competition. Afterwards, we would like to add the functionality of connecting smart watches so users can track their heart rate and calories burned in the same window as their workout.

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