Staying motivated to get exercise while also making sure to be safe is hard. We wanted to try and tackle this problem by adding back the social aspect of working out, which is something that often helps people stay motivated to stay healthy.

What it does

This app allows you to join custom made 'rooms' with your friends where each person logs the exercise they have done. These rooms can be a competition or you can have a goal for the room (ex run 50 miles) that everyone pitches in to achieve. There are three different room types, running, swimming, and biking, and you can be in multiple rooms, of the same or different exercises, at the same time.

How I built it

We started off by creating an over all layout of each page and how we wanted them to connect using Figma. Next we divided and conquered writing and compiling the pages in HTML or Java and CSS using Visual Studio. We then all uploaded our files to GitHub. Lastly we had one person download the pages, add the connections, and re-uploaded to GitHub.

Challenges I ran into

We originally wanted to create an Android Mobile app as the front end and have the back end be Firebase but as it turns out, Android Studio is very finicky and does not easily pair with Firebase. We then decided to do a web app and still try and connect it to Firebase, but still ran into a lot of trouble because the code would not collect the proper data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Julia: "I have experience with managing HTML pages but I never built one from scratch, and never styled it with CSS so I am proud at my learning how to do that." Kaleb: 'I learned how to use Bootstrap so..." Trey: "We ended up with something after nothing worked"

What I learned

Julia: "I personally did not have a lot of experience with a back end aspect of coding and although we did not end up with much of one, I still learned a lot about what does into that and how it is supposed to work." Kaleb: "I learned how to use Git" Trey: "Advancement skills in JavaScript"

What's next for FitFriends

Hopefully continuing to tinker away at a back end and being able to present live data within the app. We also wanted to have it pair with respective OS's fitness apps. If all of that gets accomplished, we might even try again at making this into a mobile app!

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