FitFriends was inspired by the need to find new at-home workouts online and stay connected with friends and family during quarantine.

What it does

FitFriends allows users to create, share, and explore workouts online. Share workouts that have kept you confident in quarantine, or look for inspiration among workout posts from friends and family, FitFriends will help you keep healthy, motivated, and connected.

How we built it

To create FitFriends, we wrote a REST API with Node.js coupled with MongoDB for storage. Our Backend API is hosted on Google App Engine, while our frontend is a Single Page Application written in Vue.js.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into include configuring our app to be deployed on Google App Engine, planning out all the endpoints and requests, and structuring our app to handle requests and responses efficiently. One of the most challenging problems we faced on the frontend was implementing the robust filter system. There were many edge cases that we had to consider.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement almost all the features we discussed during our brainstorm. We even added extra features such as different user accounts. Our web app and backend are fully functional and integrated with industry standard technologies and practices. We’re really proud of being able to configure and host the entirety of our application on highly scalable cloud services, such as MongoDB Atlas Cloud, and Google App Engine.

What we learned

David - Complex backend request handling, MongoDB Atlas/Google App Engine deployment Collin - Git, Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, Figma Andrea - Vue.js, MongoDB, URL routing, reactive web pages

What's next for FitFriends

Big things are coming for FitFriends! We plan fully fleshing out the features to our web application, as well as creating Android and IOS versions of our app to integrate with our existing REST API.

Stay tuned because FitFriends is coming to an app store near you :)

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