Team name and number

FitFantasy Team 5


Fantasy football. Being social and being fit.

What it does

Individuals create a profile including name, gender and city/stateA captain picks a team of five people from pool of peopleTeams compete over a three month period in a bracket system where one team is the champion based on winsIndividuals earn points by logging one of two activities: running (includes walking) and meditation Teams can be determined based on location or gender - If teams are created based on location team members can meet up and exercise together

How I built it

collaborating. bootstrap. github. languages we know.

Challenges I ran into

not enough time. newbies!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

getting in done in less than a day collaborating well as a team patience

What I learned

Learned to quickly choose an idea and build an app with the skills at hand

What's next for FitFantasy

go to market and make lots of money while at the same time motivating people to get fit

The team

Team member Brigette- master coder - worked across the team to build the front end UI using javascript Team member James - creative coder and badge collector - added the badges to the app and collaborated across the team to build the profile login pages Team member Rakhime - master of all data - built the database including pivot tables to slice and dice the mock up data Team member Vanithe - aka the profiler - collaborated with James to build the critical profile page Team member Jen- master facilitator

What we would do if we had more time

Dynamic calls to the database so that we don’t need hard coding Add more activities API integration- weather app to determine what to wear - Nike + app for suggested gear Bot integration - reminder to check in with team Individual progress report- weight loss - activity tracker

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