Built by a team of 5.


Managing client's information, schedules, sessions, weight-tracking, and payment tracking is a hassle for fitness instructors. Thus, we created an all-in-one app that can keep track of the things mentioned.

What it does

Made with fitness instructors in mind, FitEgo is a desktop program that helps them manage their clients and schedules, optimized for use via a Command Line Interface (CLI) while still having the benefits of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). If you can type fast, FitEgo can get your client management tasks done faster than traditional GUI apps.

How I built it

Built using Java and JavaFX. Test cases built using JUnit. Used CI/CD to check the correctness of the program on each Pull Request. Used PlantUML to draw the UML diagrams for documentations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to create an almost bug-free app, with high test coverage (81% excluding UI) measured using codecov.

What I learned

How to apply software engineering principles and OOP in a working project.

Built With

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