Always wanted to build a hack for a social good, which is why I wanted to come to DeltaHacks! I think this project in particular is really nice because it encourages people to get out of their comfort zone, meet new people, all while living a healthier lifestyle. More than just rewarding the participants, they get to bolster community events and bring happiness in a time where it may be hard to find. Hence, we chose to tackle mainly the Triangle Challenge of 'Exercise for the Community'.

What it does

The idea is really simple. Build a scalable web application that offers community-based portfolios of events. So that's what we did. People can sign up either as members or community administrators, whereby they can all make events (physical activities such as sports, yoga, aerobics, etc.). The more events someone goes to, the more points they aggregate that they can then redeem for vouchers --- or rather, we thought it would be better to have a community award of some sort.

Such as the most points gets a recognition for being the person way out there, trying to get the community and the youth engaged.

How we built it

DeltaFit (repo name - FitCommunity) is built with Python 3.7.1 on a Django 2.7.1 MVC architecture, with the backend database built with PostgreSQL 11.1! The front end is all custom HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

A critical challenge was incorporating FitBit SDK into our idea. Our original plan was to consider using the SDK to track each individual's and the overall community's health trends, and provide reasonable analytics for better event planning/personal encouragement. However, the FitBit we had was not compatible with web applications so we had to move forward from there. From there however, we figured out a way to use the CSV files that FitBit allows its user to download, and combine it with the power of PlotLy to generate very beautiful and accurate analytics on pillars of health such as sleep, steps, and calories burnt. All it required was a bit more user responsibility, and clever use of HTML to get the graphs in the personal accounts of our users. However, due to the late start, we were not able to merge completely before the submission of this devpost, but please feel free to check out the only other branch on our repo, where you can see what our prospects were :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As mentioned above, we are really proud of the PlotLy integration despite a faulty FitBit, and we are also proud of developing a relatively robust Django platform is just about 21 hours. Also proud that we managed to put aside our tiry eyes, and keep on hacking for social change. It's been a really fun time, and we are really glad to have participated

What we learned

No matter how long 24 hours seems, it really is not that long | Communication with your team is very important, and so is proper delegation of tasks | No matter how bleak a bug may seem, there's always a way out of it or around it!

What's next for FitCommunity

Hopefully, we can eventually find a way for seamless and proper FitBit integration. We do want to take off as much of the user-side responsibility as possible to ensure that hassles are kept at a minimum. We also want to open source this software and potentially exhibit this idea to other communities around the world who too can benefit from a healthy dose of socializing... and sweating ;) !

Thank you for your time, and for your consideration!


Gaurav Karna Abijith Mani Rushil Malik Maariz Almamun


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