When one want to go to the gym but all their friends are busy or when they move to an unfamiliar location, it would be useful to have a platform that gets them accustomed as soon as possible. The gym, as well as activity and sports centres, can be daunting places: as soon as one walks in, they see many people who are very skilled resulting in intimidation and anxiety. Our platform focuses on breaking down these mental barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

What it does:

The Fitbud platform gives people the opportunity to find a "fit bud"! As soon as the user registers their account, they will be able to access the fit bud pool by inputing their preferred exercise type and location. Fitbud will provide the most relevant profiles and an overview of the location according to your own preference. The users then can message the "fit bud" that they deem the best fit for them and get connected.

How we built it:

After our brainstorming stage, we came up with wireframes and, after deciding on a preferred wireframe, built each web page accordingly. Our application was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We also implemented the Google Maps JavaScript API, as well as a search function on the map, so that users would be able to view profiles and facility locations simultaneously.

Challenges we ran into:

As first year students, we encountered a lot of issues due to lack of technical skills in concepts and languages such as API's. In addition, we initially wanted to implement a sign up function where user info would be stored in a database using MySQL but we could not figure out how to implement it.

Accomplishments that we are proud of & what we learned:

For many of us, this was our first hackathon. We were able to do a lot of self-learning, as well as learning about complex development concepts. Additionally, we were introduced to the process of developing and hosting a real web application. Lastly, we learned to work together efficiently and compromise when required.

What's next for Fitbud platform:

Some next steps include further emphasizing the social aspect of the platform by implementing chatbots so the user is able to "chat" with other users, and as a real life application the user should be able to chat with other users. In addition, to expand the user base of fitbud, we could partner with organizations such as the YMCA and local sports teams and initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle among the active community.

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