Problems we experienced in the gym: Finding a friend to go the the gym with Giving/asking for advice at the gym is taboo Having to contact your workout friends, find gym information, record exercises and track progress all through different platforms, with often intricate processes not designed for ease of use.

What it does

Indicated above are the major problems we have recognized in the fitness scene, and FitBud brings a solution. FitBud brings all steps from planning your next visit, to reflecting on your progress onto the same streamlined platform.

Provides gym-goers a forum to find and meet like-minded individuals and discuss all things fitness. FitBuddies can converse with each other to get advice, share recommendations, or plan a session together. The check-in feature starts a session, after which the user can track exercises completed and listen to their Spotify playlist directly on FitBud. Meanwhile in the back-end, the check-in feature tracks frequency of visits for the user and workout schedule progression.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

To make FitBud the only tool needed for the gym, we had to incorporate functionality for Google Maps and Spotify. Integrating the API for these two applications was a challenge we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for FitBud


  • A new feature allowing FitBuddies to create a larger group for users visiting the same gym, and a more open social setting to further eliminate the awkward-air in the fitness facility

Snapchat Gym Stories

  • Use the Snapchat API to incorporate location stories from snapchat, for FitBuddies to view live activity at different fitness facilities
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