During quarantine, it's much harder to stay motivated and get your needed daily exercise and workouts done. As gyms are closed and everyone is encouraged to stay inside, it is sometimes difficult to get up and workout. This was our primary inspiration for FitBot by Timmy.

What it does

Fitbot by Timmy is a website that tracks your daily exercises, gives you information like calories burned and the most important part of it all: provides you with a friend to help you get through it, a virtual robot. With the chatbot that we implemented (Timmy), all you have to do is tell him your name and you can go ahead and get started. You can ask Timmy all kinds of tips, different exercises for all types of muscles, we've also allowed Timmy to inform you on how to stay safe during COVID-19 while staying fit.

How we built it

Aside from using HTML and JavaScript for the website itself, we went ahead and tried to face a new challenge by using Firebase's real-time database to store our client's data. We also learned how to implement a chatbot with machine learning using and incorporated it into our website.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge that we faced was to fully implement the Firebase real-time database. We were able to store one client's data, but not all clients. We also ran into some problems choosing a good chatbot software due to some of them being incompatible with our website.

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