Inspiration: About a month ago, I was inspired by my roomate's lifestyle and tried going vegan for the first time. It was incredibly difficult! Not only are there very limited options for someone on a vegan diet, it is also challenging to consume enough protein and vitamins. Vegans especially have a tough time getting B-12 without supplements. These challenges come with any diet.

What it does: Fit4Me allows users to track how much of each vitamin they are getting while on their current diet.

How we built it: We used selenium to access the nutritional values of food, dictionaries to store and access necessary values, and tkinter to create a GUI for the user to input their age and food for the day.

Challenges we ran into:

1) Finding the code to click the correct buttons/ food groups on the government database.

2) Formatting the Python GUI (not a common GUI, and many of the materials available online are outdated).

Accomplishments that we're proud of/ what we learned:

1) Webscraping using selenium.

2) Design using tkinter.


1) All vitamins will be accounted for. The programmers did not have time to look up the minimum and maximum daily values for every vitamin, so some are left out of the calculations.

2) More concrete research will be done on accurate maximum/minimum daily values.

3) Daily values will be customized for different genders, body weights, and dietary restrictions (diabetes, lactose-intolerance, etc.)

4) The user will be able to select their diet, and will receive warnings when any ingredient/food does not fit in the diet.

5) The user will be able to select how much of each ingredient/food group they have consumed. Currently, all measurements assume 100g of each food have been eaten.

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