Submission name format: B5_a-team

Video/proof of concept: done

Devices and technologies used: Kinect, Visual Studio, Nuance HTTP Requests

Full Source Code (if you have questions, come see Mack at the Hardware Lab / 3D Printers): Done

Whether or not you are implementing Analytics in your hack: No

Whether or not your hack is relevant to HealthCare: Yes


This is a personal assistant for your workouts. It can track you while you do a number of exercises, to ensure you have proper form and to keep track of your reps.

Currently the app has support for four workouts (shoulder press, bicep curls, jumping jacks, squat), although the code is scalable to track any sort of exercises.

To run the program, find the folder called at a-team/executable. In that folder, you will find FitPro3D.exe, which runs the program.

**Note: The body tracking and exercise comparison works best with as few people in the frame as possible. Make sure you are the only one being tracked to get the best results.

About our choice of project: We chose to create our program using a Kinect because it offers the best full body motion tracking on the market today. Although a Kinect is not a wearable, our technology can easily be adapted to any kind of sensor that can provide 3D coordinates of key joints on the body. In the future, we foresee a shirt or miniature stickable sensors that can give us that kind of data. Unfortunately, we are not hardware guys, and we don't think we'd be very successful at trying to build that in a weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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