We all know how important fitness and a healthy lifestyle are. Gyms and fitness centers are not accessible to all. There are live streaming platforms for gamers with low latency and high bandwidth but it remains a significant barrier of entry for fitness experts and instructors. With the advent of 5G and AI on the horizon, we can make bring the benefits of an expert on our phones.

What it does

How many times have you found ourselves suddenly sidelined by unexpected pain while working out? fiT-Mobile will make sure that your posture while working out is correct using machine learning pose detection thus preventing you from having any serious injuries. You can also connect with fiT-mobiles trained experts via low latency, high-quality video streaming. These experts will supervise you and guide you during your workout. fiT-Mobile also cares about what you eat and therefore the app will suggest meal ideas and recipes. You can see how you are doing compared to your friends using the leaderboard.

How we built it

We implemented video calling using webRTC. The machine learning model to identify posture was built using TensorFlow.

Challenges we ran into

Working and coordinating remotely.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a mobile app with major features like video calling and machine learning model within 24 hours

What we learned

Managing team conflicts.

What's next for fiT-Mobile

Meal recommendation system. The machine learning model will learn from users food diary and suggest healthy meal options as per the user’s taste and exercise Chat The chat feature will allow the user to chat with the trainer.

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