Inspiration: Our team wanted to design a product that would have the benefit of helping everyone during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team wanted to make an impact by designing a custom face mask after hearing about the shortages of the standard N96 mask. Upon further research we saw the horrible bruises current face masks were causing people as well as seeing that gaps in face masks prevented people from getting the proper protection they need.

What it does: Our face mask is custom designed for each individual. An individual will take a true depth scan of their face which will export the exact dimensions of their FitMask. This will ensure that there will be no gaps in the fit of the face mask, nor will there be bruising caused by the mask being too tight. In addition to being custom fit, our mask is a wider design than the current design to take the pressure off the sensitive areas of the face.

How we built it: Our team did extensive research on the current masks highlighting advantages and disadvantages. Then our team had a brain storming activity which allowed the team to be creative in all types of designs they would like to see for this mask. We then formulated sketches of each design. From there we compiled a pugh matrix of each design to rank which design would be the most effective and impactful to proceed forward with. We then created 3D models and renders of this design. We talked to the CEO of a face scan 3D printing company to leverage each others expertise. We also created designs for future iterations going forward that would be great for team members to spend more time on in the future.

Challenges we ran into: We were able to come up with the great idea of using face scan technology to develop a custom fit mask and we were able to come up with the great idea of a mask design but it was a challenge to combine the two ideas to make this idea possible since we didn't have a subject matter expert on exporting a face scan to a 3D printable image. We also ran into the challenge of not being able to brain storm in the same room. The benefits of typical hackathons is that the whole team is in the same room for a few days able to brain storm and work together due to COVID-19 we were unable to do that but video chatting and other methods of communicating helped to keep the team united throughout the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I'm really proud of the team work and dedication our team showed. We were all eager to participate in this challenge to find a way to help everyone stay as safe as possible during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Our team was able to overcome the challenge of working on this project virtually. Our team was also able to highlight each teammembers strengths. I am really proud that my team was able to reach out to the CEO of Bellus3D to discuss our idea to see how we can partner together to help the world through this COVID-19 pandemic. I am also proud how much the team learned through this experience.

What we learned: Our team has a variety of skill sets and i'm grateful that our team was able to learn a little bit about each others strengths. Our team learned how to work virtually on an intense project. Our team learned how to use 3D face scanning technology to develop a custom fit mask for each individual. Our team learned how to render files in solidworks. Our team learned about the advantages and disadvantages of current PPE that individuals are using.

What's next for Fit Mask: Our team has a lot of ideas and would like to keep moving forward on them even after this Hackathon is over. Our team was able to connect with the CEO of Bellus3D to see how we can join forces to get this mask produced to help make an impact by keeping individuals as safe as possible during this pandemic. Our team also has ideas on future models of this design that we would like to pursue. The first model would be a way to fasten a face shield to the face mask which would then remove an additional strap (pressure point) on a users head. The second model our team would like to improve upon is making a mask that can stick directly to the face of the user with out any straps to prevent bruising or pressure from the elastic straps. Finally we would like to make sure our masks help even the hearing impaired during this pandemic by making a clear "window" over the users mouth so that someone who can read lips would be able to see the person speak while still being protected by a facemask. We look forward to continuing this health journey.

Built With

  • 3d-facescan
  • 3d-printing
  • solidworks
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