We have seen a lot of people independent with only one source of income and in this pandemic most of them have grown weaker financially. So the website gives the description and details about how to manage one's finances and what is the situation amid the covid19 pandemic. The app integrated with the website depicts whether the person is financially stable or not.

What it does

The website has a login and signup page where the user logins and can see the app where he / she can enter the details and get to know about his/ her financial status.

How I built it

The tech stacks we used was basic html, css, javascript for the website and the app was totally built in java on Netbeans platform.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge that we ran into was that being a team of 4 skilled participants we were unable to co-operate and were having a different idea in the beginning related to the theme of art but one of our teammates went too sick so she coudn't participate and the other one left with no reason. We both then tried really hard to bring up our simple idea and build a project in best possible way we can. These were our great challenges and now after trying we have submitted our project with the idea of learning and implementing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There is one thing that we are proud of is learning from each other. Even if our teammates left us in between we were able to generate our own ideas and build a project on it. So it was our greatest accomplishment that we submitted our project finally.

What I learned

I really learnt how to evolve great ideas and how to learn about different stuffs from my teammate, how to work together and not backout from the event. I also learnt to struggle till the end.

What's next for Fit for Finance

For future scope we will be including the stability of a person by taking the details of the posts and profile of the person on social media and depicting his financial status.

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