One day while going to the gym we realised that the machines in the arc are quite different from the machines on the health apps that we use. It also came to our mind that most of the health apps have either work outs or the meals and calories that one should have. Rarely they have both, and even when they have both the food would be very different from what is available to us. Therefore, we got the idea of Fit Davis.

Fit Davis is a work out and nutrition planning mobile web app. It asks the users for the type of workouts that they want to do and it recommends them the workouts specifically on the machines in the arc with videos on how to do them. We also give the users the option to customise their workouts. We initially got some food items from the Segundo DC but, we couldn't expand on it. However we will expand on it so that the users are provided a food plan based on the calories they should have, dietary restrictions and specifically the food that is available in the DC's and the local grocers. By doing this the students will balance their nutrition alongside their exercise. We also plan to include a scheduling feature in which we can provide the users a suggestions on when to go to the gym, formulated by busy hours at the ARC in conjunction with their own academic schedule. In addition, we will have a feature through which users can connect with people who go to the gym at the same time as themselves and potentially become gym partners. Through this we promote getting fit, good nutrition, and strengthening our Aggie community.

In this project we used a Google Map API to show on our website what times in the day the becomes the most busy on the navigation bar. We used the Google Cloud to host our webpages, mongodb for backend data bases, and to get our domain name, We did our front-end in html, css, javascript and bootstrap. The challenges we ran into were to get all the food data from the DC as well as the customisation of the workouts. We are proud of making some progress in the food department, showing the busyness of the gym and to give customise workouts.

We learnt how to build a website. This was the first time for three of our team members to make a website with back end and which has been hosted on the internet. We also learned a lot of the backend operations that go into a website. We plan to complete the food, scheduling and connecting people with each other components on our website and then making an app. We hope that eventually this website/ app becomes useful to all the faculty and students and UC Davis and we can help to stay fit and healthy.

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