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This is my HTNE submission


People always say that they want to take the time to get in shape but they're too lazy to buy a gym membership, equipment, go on youtube for workouts, change their diet and so on. This is because there is too much work involved, typing query's in the google search bar. That's bad. With my exercise startup plan, you have access to workouts, diets, advice, and gyms nearby. We must understand that each person is unique. You may or may not be a body builder, you may or may not be someone who hasn't worked out in decades and has trouble standing up from the couch, that's fine. Your experience on this program will be based on you and your goals only.


You will need to install Selenium for this to work you can do that by: ''' pip install selenium '''


You will also need to install this with:

''' pip install uszipcode '''


This is a python terminal program that, with the help of selenium, will give someone all the tools they need to get/stay in shape


With only a set amount of time to program, I had originally, started with HTML5, js, and css. However, I realised that I could get more of the project done quicker with python so I'd have more time to work on the presentation. So I scraped the code, and rebuilt with python sacrificing UI and design for productivity.

How it works

In the beginning, it will ask you for your zip code. This is so it can search for gyms near your area. Using if and while statements, the user will allow the program to classify them as a specific type of person, (doesn't go to the gym, bodybuilder, etc). From there, the program can give them suggestions on workouts, training times, diets, and a BMI calculator.

Team members

Just me, I don't peer program

Built With

  • google-colab
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