Many, health studies show the negative effects of staring at a screen or sitting down for long periods of time. Starring at a screen of too long, causes strain and lack of moisture for the eyeballs (Time). Sitting down for hours straight can lead to increased weight gain, back problems, and even increased anxietey(BetterHealth) Doing regular breaks, such as standing up and stretching or eye exercises, can eliminate most of these negative effects. In addition, studies also show that physical movement can help with thinking and problem-solving(NCBI).

What it does

This is a module that would attach to the seat of the chair. It is able to determine how long the user is sitting on the seat. It is fully customizable and can send notifications to popular platforms such as slack and discord (soon...). For example, here are some possible notification examples.

How I built it

For this project, I mainly used a raspberry pi. There is a python script that reads the state of the button and will send slack API posts.

Challenges I ran into

One challenging part for me was to get the pi setup. Without having a monitor a my disposal, I was very limited and had to learn to set up the pi "headless".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works.

What I learned

I learned a lot about API's. For example, setting up the app like on slacks website then figuring out how to format the HTTPS request to send a message.

What's next for fit chair

Integration into offices Integration into gaming areas. Integration Into vehicles. Have a large network to collect data on worker habits in an office

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