Today patients need to maintain their follow up records in physical files. EPR - Electronic Patient Record system to be developed, where all the patient treatment history will be maintained in the centralized database (cloud) which can accessed by patients, any doctors, pharmacist, laboratories from anywhere with respective patient permission.

It is too tedious for patients to maintain all the medical reports and if the individual is prone to such kind of disease which requires a regular health check up it becomes more difficult to handle a large amount of reports. And if the hard copy is misplaced by chance, patients are asked to again perform a test. Which involves spending of money twice for the same thing. And if any intermediate report is lost, the doctors cannot give accurate consultancy about the treatment.

What it does

A card with barcode and unique code to carry while consulting doctors. On password protected scanning or By entering unique ID it will generate digitally stored reports, medical history and eradicate handling hard copies after OTP validation. Afterwards doctor/pharmacist/laboratories can upload new records of that patient. All action performed by doctors will get notified to respective patient via SMS or Mail.

How it works

  • Doctor/Pharmacist/laboratories Enter uniuq Fit Card ID of patient.
  • 4 Digit OTP will be send to that patient.
  • Doctor will ask that patient for OTP to access that patient data stored in Fit Card.
  • After OTP validation patient data (Reports/Sign/Symptoms) will be displayed to doctor.
  • Doctor can add more reports in fitcard.
  • Patient has right to change the visibility of reports.
  • After 10 Minutes of login, Doctor will be automatically loss the access of patient Fit card.
  • For More security, Reports are stored in encrypted form. only validated user can see them after login.


  • History Taking
  • Progress Report
  • Data Security
  • Authentication
  • Report Encryption


  • Reports , prescription and health related data on single click.
  • 24 x 7 access.
  • No need to carry reports physically.
  • Feasible for pharmacist, patients, doctors, laboratories.
  • Only authorized user can access.
  • Highly secured.

How we built it

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, Datatables, Javascript
  • Back End: PHP
  • Database: SQL
  • Notifications: PHPMailer (Mail)
  • Report Encryption: PHP

What's next for Fit Card

  • Distributed database using blockchain
  • Aadhar card connection
  • Reports data extraction
  • Multilingual Support
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