Imagine this, you wake up early in the morning, excited for your workout, you get to the gym, the instructor asks you to calculate your BMI, but the weight machine isnt working, then you open your music app, but the recommended songs are awful, then you checkout your workout regime, it's full of exercises you don't like, then you ask your trainer for diet advice, and they turn into protein salesman, well we definitely have been through this, and that's why we created Fit Camp

What it does

Fit Camp has various functionalities like:
1) Bodyfat estimation from Image
2) Exercise Routine Recommendation
3) Diet Recommendation (Under Progress)
4) Smart Music Player (Under Progress)

How we built it

1) Node.js
2) React js
3) Python
4) Tensorflow

Challenges we ran into

1) Our models took too long to train.
2) The whole process of package installation was messy.
3) The free dataset we were relying on suddenly decided to turn into a Paid API.
4) Our perfectly working ML models suddenly started giving inaccurate results.
5) Procuring datasets was a nightmare!!
6) Google colab gave out phantom image paths.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) We wrote a dll file!
2) We made a ml model that got 98.9% accurate by training for just three epoch!

What we learned

We started this hackathon thinking we know ML, so the first thing we learned was Humility. Then we learned that a Good ML Model can drag anyone to the brink of Insanity. On a serious note, we learned Tensorflow, Pytorch. As we had know readily available datasets, we learned how to use Web Crawling to get data from websites. We learned CUDA Programming.

What's next for Fit Camp

1) Upgrading our BodyFat AI to it's better version (Under Training)
2) Implementing our Smart Music Player (Under Development), which generates workout playlists curated according to your preferences and the Intensity of your current workout.
3) Implementing our Nutrition Recommender (Under Training) which curates diet plans for you according to your Body Mass Index, Body fat percentage, current workout regime and your fitness goal.
4) Improving the UI/UX to make it more accessible
5) Adding more exercises to our database, with instructional gifs
6) Making Progressive Web App

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