Inspiration :

i got inspiration from my pet.
Unfortunately when i go outside i have to leave him alone at home or send him to my neighbour's house. And i can't know if he is fine or not.
So with my friend i planned to make something to overcome this problem.

What it does?

Fitbelt's main job is to constantly send essential data( body temperature, pulse reading and sleeping pattern reading) to our website from where we can analyse the data and check it anytime we want from anywhere in this world. As we don't always check our pet if he is fine or not so, we have added an alert feature also.
Like if pet's body temperature is high, you will instantly receive a message stating that :

"Hi! ___(your name),
This is to inform you that your pet is suffering from fever (when temperature is above 104 degree celsius) / serious fever (when temperature is above 106 degree celsius) and it can be fatal if do not take your pet to a veterinary doctor immediately!

"Your ____(your pet's name) Fitbelt"

How we built it?

We have two main components in this project:
1) Our data analysing website which is connected to a web server .
2) Our IOT enabled device(which is our fitbelt) which contains of various sensors.its main job is to send data ( body temperature, pulse reading and sleeping pattern) reading to our website.

Challenges we ran into :

1) Creating a connection between our device and the dashboard provider's web server!
2) Creating an suitable algorithms to detect the health of the pet.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

Successfully overcoming our challenges .

What we have learned?

=>Learned to create complex algorithms , and how to overcome our challenges and most important TRY.. TRY.. TRY.. until you succeed!
=>Failure helps you to become more innovative and productive than before!

What's next for Fitbelt?

Upgrading our device and making it open source!.

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