A decentralised version of Brex, Xero, Quickbooks

What problem it solve ?

Managing the payroll expenses on a centralized system is always risky.

1. Single point of control.
2. Single point of failure.
3. Settling/reconciling the accounts very difficult.
4. Auditing process is very time-consuming.
5. Lots of manual work involved in HR, Manager, Accountant part.

What solution I propose ?

A humble attempt to build a decentralized unified platform where one can manage the database of the employee as well as automate their payment. At Fi_Stack you can

1. Enter the details about your employees.
2. Assign the role and manager.
3. Put the payment.
4. Automate the payment on an hourly/weekly/daily/monthly basis through using tokens.
 Many more..

Challenges I ran into

Understand the new programming language. Understanding new language always requires some effort, but for clarity, it was a bit easy. It would be great if we have some demo on how to connect with low code platform with our clarity code so that a backend developer can build a complete application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning clarity Learning Blockstack architecture. Deploying clarity dapp Building dapp which was expected.

What I learned

Tons of things from clarity to blockstack.

What's next for FiStack

This hackathon gave a fair amount of exposure to learning clarity and architecture of Blockstack. Since time duration was short and learning was a lot. Some functionality will be finished in the next stage like automating the payment with token. The current version is a decentralized version of Xero/QuickBooks (payroll), after including the recurring payment feature it would be a decentralized version of Brex.

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