The modern citizen swathes themselves in more and more gadgets as time goes on, but wearable technology doesn't have to only quantify every aspect of our lives or separate ourselves from others. Fist.Bump() pieces together a broad spectrum of technologies from physical to digital to connect users with a single fist bump. Fist.Bump() emulates the spontaneity, fun, and instant feedback of a physical fist bump with a quick notification and vibration. There's no need to ready your fist or watch--Fist.Bump() seamlessly detects motion and shoots it into the cloud, where it gets condensed into a virtual business card that makes it way to your email. Even if other users don't have Fist.Bump(), low-tech fist bumps are still counted and stored for virtual street-cred. There's a lot of code behind the whole process and it isn't always pretty to look at, but the interactions that Fist.Bump() enables are just the opposite-quick, simple, beautiful.

Fist.Bump() requires no set up or maintenance. Simply run the application and commence fist-bumping.

Fist.Bump() is mainly coded in Java as a native Android and Android Wear application. The phone and watch split up the work and send every fist bump event and location data to StrapMetrics using their Android Wear API. From there, javascript and python do the heavy lifting to capture and process the data to use MailJet to email you a simple contact card. The few other apps that attempt this kind of behavior all require both users to take out their phones, enable Bluetooth or NFC, and then carefully pair their devices. Fist.Bump() instead just sends a time stamp and location to the cloud and lets the heavy lifting be done behind the scenes for a hugely faster experience where technology is an afterthought instead of a hindrance.

Fist.Bump() is for everyone who has a smart watch or wrist-dwelling digital device. This first prototype has one deeply implemented task and little else in terms of breadth. Future possiblities could include fast payments by fist bump or interaction with physical stations or businesses.

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