FilletFinder is an application that informs individuals without expert fish identification skills about the characteristics of fish, in particular their fillets. Fish fillets in particular are near impossible for the average consumer to identify. As a result, mislabelling of fish for commercial profit is prevalent around the world, even in countries such as the US.

The application gives users a simple, easy to use interface that allows them to search up the characteristics of a given fish to confirm that what they are purchasing is indeed what they believe they are buying. This app also uses camera recognition, utilizing colour and shape recognition to give a percentage match with fish fillets in a given database (not yet implemented).

Fishackathon, 22nd April to to 24th April, where most development took place on 24th April.

To the other developers: Most commit messages are meaningless as we were all in the same meeting room for over 12 hours. So we communicated mainly in person, informing each other of changes.

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