A social tracking and recording fishing app for fishermen and officials


FishUp is a complete social networking app for fishermen and officials that capture and share fishing patterns, time and location data​.
It lets an user track recent captures giving information about the location of the fishes and time taken to catch the fish​.
View alerts and notifications from friends , officials


Record a new fish captured​
Location and time taken to catch the fish are automatically measured by the app​
Users can share their captures with the community ​
Helps procure recent data about presence of fishes by location and time ​


Get feedback from friends, fellow fishermen and officials about the captures​
Reply to the feedback and initiate a chat to help and be helped from the community​​
An option to appreciate the feedback received and also share the same across apps​​


A global score based leaderboard​
Leaderboard shows additional info like location, status and FishUp Index​
FishUp Index is a score calculated by number of fishes captured and shared, feedback sent, fellow users and officials' feedback received ​


Profile page that gives name, location, status, followers count and FishUp Index​
Follow a fellow user from the profile page ​
View recent captures and the time taken in each capture in a slideshow ​


View capture from other users of the community​
Get the location of the catch and time taken for the same​
Option to send feedback about the capture ​


Receive alerts when someone shares a feedback, starts following you, new captures by users in your network and nearby locations, friends joining FishUp​ ​

What's next for FishUp

Build a fish face recognition engine which detects fishes as they are captured​ ​
Ability for officials to track the type of fishes found and captured in a location​ ​
Use data shared to organize tips and tricks from top fishermen around the world, the unique techniques they use for fishing Bring in the entire community to FishUp and foster a strong bond through the app​ ​

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