The Philippines is an archipelagic nation composed of 7, 587 islands*, it also means 7, 587 opportunities for our fellow Fishermen. An estimated of 2 million people rely their livelihoods on Fishing activities. Sadly, there are inefficiencies in the Marketplace and Regulations.

Our end-goal is to create a platform that eliminates inefficiencies in the market of Overfishing, Distribution based on Demand. We want fishermen to be unified to create a common-goal: Improve earnings and quality of life. We want a platform where doing things LEGALLY is more beneficial than the black market.

What it does

  1. Fishpal Market : On-Demand Fish Market. Cutting the Annoying Middle-man. Determine Demand from Actual Customers, Direct to Customers. Rating / Feedback Based Quality measure for Fishermen.

  2. Fishpal Vessel : Real-Time Water Transportation Service. Alternative Means of Income to Fishermen. Convenience for Eco-Tourism. Lesser fishermen will dilute the fishing resources.

  3. Fishpal Bounty: Incentive-Driven Swindle Reports. In order for the system to work, fishermen need to follow the regulations. (Cooperation) Option to submit anonymously. Reward once the government took an action.

How we built it

For the prototype, we used Azure Mobile Service with Node.js backend as a Service and Data Access. We utilized Facebook Auth for login. The front-end is written in Angular.js / HTML5 / Twitter Bootstrap. The initial mobile app is written in C#/XAML for Universal Windows Platform. Some codes will be shared in the future for Xamarin to create an iOS and Android Application.

Challenges we ran into

*Slow Devices. A more comfortable coding station (Ergonomic Chair). It was a long work-week of coding and had difficulty fighting sleep. A constant battle of doing it right or doing it fast?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

People loves the idea! Some people are actually willing to invest. Friendship within the team grew stronger more than ever. Knowing that we don't know everything and we always have a lot more to learn.

What we learned

Sleep more than 5 hours prior to the Event. Bring noise reduction earphones to increase focus.

What's next for Fishpals

In order to proceed to production, we need funding to cover development hours of work. We need more high-end devices that can run a lot of applications at the same time. We need a more ergonomic office to work on. Partnership with other Organizations and Government to see this in action.

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