Love Fishing? So do we.

Want to catch Rainbow Trout?

No problem. Just open the app and select Rainbow Trout and you'll be presented with every location in Alberta where that species has been stocked along with the quantity stocked and the average size.

Want peace and quiet while fishing?

Just use our "Heatmap"! It will show you in a quick glance which lakes are most crowded. We all need time to ourselves sometimes.

Just caught a goliath of a fish?

Congratulations! Now, go brag about it and share your story on the "Most Recent Catch" tab. (It's okay if you exaggerate a's a fishing story after all)

Want to find a new fishing spot near home?

Easy peasy. Fishing Alberta will notify you when you come near a great fishing spot. Maybe you could take a little extra time before work to enjoy this newly found spot!

When leaving a fishing site, FishingAlberta will politely remind you to pick up after yourself. Fish and humans don't particularly care for trash :)


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