We like cats and cats like fish. Fish are hard to catch and involve dexterity, precision, fine motor skills and a bit of luck to grab with ones hands. Our idea wasn't always to make, Fishie. At first we thought about doing a brain teaser game "Shapez" this was Plan A there was a Plan B too "Buzz-A-Bro" then "Reality" hit. "Reality" is that we love cats.

What it does

Runs a game and entertains the player while honing their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. The first URL link is to the domain we created the second is the arcade we uploaded it too for further testing. This gamne is designed to entertain with bright colors and fun features like bubbles whenever a fish dissapears!

How I built it

Using Construct 2 with a heck of tutorials. Used "" We used AWS to set up the website to run our game with the free credit given and's free year of a domain name.

How I built it

Using Construct 2 with heko if tutorials. Used ""

Challenges I ran into

One challenge Haley and I encountered was lack of knowledge. I'd like to see this as less of a challenge and more and opportunity because we're sponges ready to absorb everything! This did mean logging a lot of time learning how to do things which meant mistakes along the way. In the program, you will be seeing the Goldfish bounce off the sides of the "wall" or "box" this wasn't always the case. The menu page was notoriously bad everything from scrolling the fish to re-sizing them and making a flash mob scene blinding the player and developer alike. At one point the program froze up and crashed for unknown reasons. Luckily I had an auto save as well as code save. However, unluckily it wasn't the format we needed with some finagling, crossing fingers, frantic googling the program was back and running. The only problem now the game play was acting up at least the Menu was fixed. For the next few hours either we fixed the menu and the game play glitched or the menu glitched and the gameplay worked. At one point the Menu page even disappered nicely the thing about code is even when we can't see the missing object in game play we can find out where it went wrong. Each challanged pushed us beyond our limits learning how to do things we had no idea before the most we knew between the two of us was some HTML and Python yet here we were buliding a Game! Not just one managed to create another platform but Fishie was our calling. The platformer we tried to make along side fishie took out a big chuck of our time and keep creating bugs in the game. For our website going l've we hit lots of problems, being new to AWS we both ran into lots of confusing pages we either had to google or call a mentor for. And for the domain name, we had to connect the IP address to the domain which was involed patinets on our parts for to connect it. We also ran into a DNS problem with the GSU DNS, whcih cause the site not show up as our game but a previous site that had te domain name.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning most of Unity & basically all of Construct 2 in a span of around six hours creating more than one game before the final product. That no matter what happened we stuck together and didn't give up despite the glitches or problems that occurred. Creating a live playable product for everyone to enjoy!

What I learned

How to use Unity to create a game. That Jesus really does save and boy howdy am I glad I did too. The ability to create three different kinds of games in Construct 2 (first person shooter, drop, platform). What it takes to establish a domain and a host site.

What's next for Fishie

We're planning to meet up and use Android Studio to figure out how to turn Fishie into a fun interactive app!

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