Illegal fishing and unregulated bycatch threaten our oceans. By giving consumers the power to know what they are buying, we can start making a difference.

What it does

Use characteristics such as the shape and colour of the flesh or skin to determine what fish the cut comes from.

How I built it

Android Studio from start to finish. The app uses a SQLite databse that contains everything including the images.

Challenges I ran into

Android Studio gave me hassles with opening the database for the first time. After that, everything went smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can now develop Android applications. This is the first android app I have ever developed.

What I learned

The ins and outs of android app development, and how to leverage the power of SQL and databases to make the apps more powerful and upgrade able.

What's next for FishEye

I hope to expand the database for all local South African fish species.

Built With

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