Every good game has a fishing minigame! So the best games are only fishing games

What it does

  • You can catch big fish
  • You can catch small fish
  • You can catch things that aren't even fish
  • You can view your scores to try to catch bigger fish than your friends

How we built it

We used pygame as a base framework, and split up the group work between all of us, e.g. level design, sprite work, UI creation and general development

Challenges we ran into

There were some issues we ran into due to one of our team members using a linux system, those issues were resolved fairly quickly though

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting a realistic goal and completing, testing and polishing it all within the time limit

What we learned

We all improved out skills using git/github to work together in a much more productive manner, as well as improving our teamwork, coordination and skills using python

What's next for Fishermun

We plan on continuing development in our spare time o try to add more functionality, such as different levels, upgrades and so on

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