Use our coding abilities to have an impact on the global community.

What it does

Ghost Gear Buster is a location app that reports lost or found nets. This allows fisheries to easily recover their inventory, and cut down on the number of abandoned nets that catch and kill marine wildlife. Additionally, this app can be used during disaster recovery to assist fisheries in finding and rebuilding their equipment and livelihood

How we built it

To build this app, we utilized the MEAN stack. This is a full stack Javascript application that is web native, but is built with responsiveness for mobile phones.

Challenges we ran into

The Jade templating engine presented difficulty with creating RESTful posts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integration with the google maps API Filter and search for specific types of lost/found/recovered nets

What we learned

As a group that large fisheries losing equipment is a major issue that threatens not only wildlife but the lives of communities around the globe. We also learned that it is extrememly important to have hackathons like these because local fishing communities do not have the resources to combat the threats they face.

What's next for Fishackathon2016ATL_GhostGearBuster

As a team we would like to be involved with the further development of the application. We all have loved the opportunity to put our abilities to the benefit of the global community.

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