Our inspiration comes from the word "impossible". As everyone thinks it is impossible for low class fishermen from the poorest of communities to use high end and advanced technologies, we find it possible and only see the right questions not being asked to get the right answers. We plan to fix this.

What it does

It is a cross platform system that runs on Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Smart TV’s and literally any device that has internet access or via GPS.It also involves a custom built hardware that is built for the purpose of fishing. The device is both water resistant and floats on water. As the name implies our systems fish for information while given the fishermen all the support they need (Give and Take) so they get the most out of their labor.

How we built it

The Hardware is built to run Android and Linux systems only and has a sonar sensor that assists us in scanning and receiving activity reports under water. The software is cross platformed so runs on about any device that has GPS and can connect to the internet every now and then. It runs offline so it will work fine even without the internet at certain points.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have the liberty of building the hardware and software communications within the stipulated time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything, from the idea to the development was done within the 3 day event. We explored new APIs and were able to meet our timelines with much ease.

What we learned

We learned what solutions already exist and how helpful or not there were. This is not a project or venture we ever thought of at least not in the sense of Fish so having a reason to code for fish was a lot of learning.

What's next for Fish4Mation

Hopefully if anyone finds it as interesting as we find it, they can join us in developing it into a complete and ready to implement stage. We are considering throwing it into the open source world like how we have open MRS and others

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