The inspiration for this game is my 7-years old son. I occasionally create simple educational games for him to play and learn. As he was playing with a similar game he started telling me what would be some great features to have in his game. His ideas in combination with our playful way of choosing what task to do next helped create this game/application for the Jira product. My son is my inspiration and our first tester.

What it does

"Fish your issue" would allow developers to select their next task from Jira by playing a virtual fishing game, where issues are represented as fish swimming in a virtual pond. The game opens up a virtual fishing pond, where various types of issues, represented as fish, are swimming around. The developer is represented as a fisherman, and he can use his virtual fishing rod to catch the issues he wants to work on. When the fish is caught the issue title will be revealed to the developer. This issue will be automatically assigned to him in Jira and he can begin working on it.

How we built it

  • Forge, Atlassian’s app development platform
  • Jira’s REST APIs with these endpoints GET projects, GET issuetype, GET search, PUT assignee
  • Phaser, an open source 2D game framework used for making games for desktop and mobile
  • We also used Bitbucket as repository for the project

Challenges we ran into

  • Developing the game required a significant amount of time and resources. We had to prioritise and manage our time effectively to ensure that the game was completed within the given timeframe.
  • Another challenge was creating realistic boat and fish animations. This required a combination of programming skills and design expertise to create fish that were visually appealing.
  • One of the main challenges was integrating the game with Jira. This required a deep understanding of Jira's architecture and the use of Atlassian Forge and Jira's REST APIs to pull data from Jira and represent it in the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end we are very proud of passing all the obstacles on our way and also very happy that we are participating in this hackathon with developers from all over the world.

What we learned

We learned a lot of new tools and techniques and confirmed once again that to create a great app it needs to be fun working on it.

What's next for Fish your issue

Once we started working on this game, we were bombarded with a plethora of new ideas for possible future implementation. Here are some of them:

  • Fish moving speed might represent the importance of an issue. For example, fast-moving fish might represent an important issue and slow-moving fish might represent a less important issue.
  • Track the catched fish (issues) on a leaderboard
  • A multiplayer mode could be added to the game, where developers can compete against each other in real-time, adding an element of friendly competition to the task selection process.
  • Virtual achievements could be added to the game, where developers can earn rewards and badges for catching certain types of fish (issues) or reaching certain milestones.
  • Allow developers to customise their avatars and fishing gear, which could make the game more personalised and fun.
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